Dancer and Cuddles (Part 1)

We took our first foster placement this weekend. Originally, we were not going to take placements unless we were planning on adopting them, but this was just respite care, while their foster parents were out of town for the weekend.  Unknowingly, it only took that long to get extremely attached to these two precious girls. 

Dancer (obviously not her real name) just turned two years old and is talkative and rambunctious.  She was constantly asking for more food and was happy with everything we offered her.  She used our bottom two stairs as her platform for dancing to just about anything we would turn on, be it the Wiggles or Beyonce.

Cuddles is 9 months old and just starting to crawl.  She preferred time on her belly, chewing on blocks or watching us.  She devoured the Cheerios we kept giving her and loved to be held.

The girls struggled with sleeping, both in their own little ways.  Dancer had recently had some nightmares, so we put her in our bed and laid with her until she fell asleep, with Mr. Keckles wrapping her snug in her blanket.  She woke up a few times screaming, but was quickly soothed back to sleep.  Cuddles did not want to be put down, so we spent our night in the recliner, her in my arms happily sleeping and me nodding off a few times during the night.  I will never, ever let a foster child cry themselves to sleep.  Mr. Keckles and I will both snuggle that precious child until the sun comes up. 

My emotions are running high today, as we sent them back to their foster parents this morning. I will be sharing more about that in the posts to come.