An Eventful Week

This week poses to be an important one in the future of our family.  I turned in our licensing packet to the agency today and we have our initial walkthrough on Thursday, meaning that a worker from our agency will go through our house and let us know what we still need to fix or add to make sure it is ready to be a home for our little Keckles.  Just a few more months to go, we hope!


Laziness and Licensing

After deciding to move forward with the adoption, we were told that the first item of business was completing the PS-MAPP class through our agency.  Upon the completion of the class, we were given a licensing packet containing everything we needed to become a resource family.  This process is very tedious and requires a lot of busywork, copying and signing.  Initially, we were ready to get it all done and sent in.  Then the appellation happened.  Knowing we had more time than we thought we might have, I put the packet to the side and didn’t think too much about it.  I kept procrastinating and coming up with excuses to put it on hold.

Now I am at the point where I want to get it done.  I want to check everything off the list, turn it in to our agency and see what happens next.  We might very well get to meet the kiddos after that.  Oh wait, did I mention that?  The fact that we haven’t met them yet?

So, my readers, I am using you as my accountability tool.  Listed below are all the things that need to be compiled or acquired, with the ones crossed out already compiled or acquired.  Will you hold me to finishing this by the end of this month?  There it is, my personal goal out in the middle of the world wide web.

  • Foster home application completed and signed
  • Floor plan of all levels of home, including window dimensions and indices of who will live where
  • Menu form
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Discipline agreement
  • Yearly mechanical safety check
  • Copy of all driver’s licenses
  • Copy of all vehicle insurance cards
  • Health assessments completed
  • Copy of proof of income
  • Emergency numbers posted
  • Emergency plans posted
  • Smoke detectors in each bedroom
  • Carbon monoxide detectors outside of bedrooms
  • Household cleaning supplies locked up
  • Sharp instruments locked or stored out of reach
  • Medications kept in a locked cabinet
  • Basic first AID completed