A Little More Explanation

I apologize for the abrupt nature of the last post.  Mr. Keckles and I were super frustrated and at our wit’s end regarding the adoption and I just wanted to get the word out and get over it.  Now, however, I am ready to give some explanation.

First, the shower situation deemed to be the huge hole in our plans.  We could not find a reasonable solution to this problem, keeping us from being a home suitable for 3 children, rather than just 2.  From the beginning, we have had our eyes on a specific sibling set of three.  In the city that we live in, leases are for 12 months, so we are stuck here until August.  Another big problem is that we are kind of running out of money.  I know this sounds very wishy-washy and I know that, relative to people in third-world countries, this is not an issue, but for us, it is.  We ran into some car troubles, among other things, late in 2011, that put us way behind on our bills and financial goals to save and pay down debt.  When the children move in, I will be not be working full-time, just the equivalent of about one day a week, while Mr. Keckles stays home with the kiddos.  This brings our income down substantially.  At this point in time, we cannot take the financial risk of taking in children.

Upon re-examination of our desires and goals, Mr. Keckles and I decided to wait until the summer before moving forward, so we can take some time to save and test the waters of possibly adopting a different child or sibling set.