Dancer and Cuddles (Part 2)

I cried within 30 minutes of the girls arriving on Saturday.  I am a very emotional being by nature, but that was still surprising for me.  Their vibrant, loving personalities, mixed with the knowledge of why they have been taken from their biological parents, was just too much for me. 

My parents were foster parents, so I am fully aware of how the system works and how children are treated and neglected in our country.  I also have a good enough grip on reality to understand that we are human and make a tremendous amount of mistakes on a daily basis.  Couples become parents when they don’t intend to, or don’t realize the huge commitment it is to raise a child. Parents have mental issues or disorders that hinder them from being the best parent they can be.  I get that. 

If these precious girls needed a forever home, we would have taken them in a second.  We could have called them our own, snuggled with them every night and raised them to know that they are beautiful, precious and valuable.  ImageBut the fact of the matter is that we can’t.  They have biological parents that are trying to get their act together and welcome these girls back home.  Our crib and toddler bed have been empty for 2 nights now, and we mourn the loss of the opportunity to give these girls a home that will accept them for who they are.  Everything else in our lives pales in comparison to taking care of Dancer and Cuddles.  However, we must press on and begin to understand the purpose of it all and our role in the larger scheme of parenthood.  


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