Still waiting. . .

Sometimes, life doesn’t seem to go the way we would like it to.  We don’t get the job that we are desperate for.  We run into unexpected financial woes.  We lose a family member.  A number of things hit us in difficult ways, and we are forced to cope with the circumstances.  Usually, we come out stronger, sometimes with the realization of who we truly are and the measures to which we will go to fight back against hardship.  I have known loss, disappointment and frustration.  I know that I will continue to endure through the rough times of life.  But this.  This could possibly be the worst. 

At this point in time, Mr. Keckles and I are not able to go through with the adoption.  Through unforeseen circumstances and a tough decision, we are re-examining our goals and means to reach those goals.  We appreciate any and all support that our friends and family have offered, to keep us pushing forward.


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