We’ve Got 99 Problems and a Shower is One

A few weeks ago, we had our initial home walkthrough with our care worker and it did not go as well as expected.  We knew of the few things that we were missing (carbon monoxide detectors, safety gates), but ran into a few problems that we still have no solution for.  In our downstairs bedroom, there is a shower.  No, not in a separate room or outside of the room.  The shower is literally in the room.  Take a look for yourself!

Weird, right?  Here are a few problems that this shower poses:

  1. There are 3 stairs going up to it, which means that it needs to have a guardrail of some sort.
  2. According to regulations, no child’s bedroom can have anything attached to it that is not a hallway.  i.e., the bedroom cannot lead directly to a laundry room, garage, etc.  There has to be a hallway between the child’s bedroom and any other room.
  3. We currently rent this house, so we cannot just demolish the shower or cut off all water supply.
  4. Our care workers have never seen anything like this before, so they didn’t have too many ideas for us.

At this point in the ballgame, we were super frustrated with this development.  We know that we have come this far for a reason and we’re not backing out now, but we have no idea how to work around this glitch in our licensing process.  I would love to hear your ideas; leave them in the comments!


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