What If?

Originally, when we first found out about the kiddos, Thing 2* and Thing 3* were in a home together and had been for a while.  Thing 1* was in a home by himself, on a TARC plan, tracking his development and making sure there weren’t any major issues.  We were overjoyed to know that the girls (Thing 2 and Thing 3) were together and living life as sisters.  Today, we found out that all three of the kiddos have been moved into the same home.  What a wonderful family they must be with, a family willing to take care of and love on all three of them.  While this is wonderful news, it also brings doubt to my mind.

There are very few things that could get in the way of this adoption, money being one of them, something I try not to let my mind dwell on.  The other hindrance would be the idea that we are not the best family for these children.  In the end, we must be chosen as the best possible option by all their workers and caretakers.  It is assumed that there are not many families willing to adopt 3 children at once, especially at such young ages and so close together.  The fact had been considered by my husband and I, but never really dwelt upon until now, with the knowledge that there is at least one foster family willing to take care of all of them now.

So, what if we aren’t chosen?  What if we aren’t the best family?

Then so be it.  From the beginning, this has been about the kids.  We know that we have what it takes to be great parents.  We know that we are ready for the chaos that will ensue from the time they enter our home.  We know the emotional energy it will take to raise abused and neglected children.  But it’s not about us.  We are simply opening our home to children that need one, be it these three beautiful Things, or another family of Things in the future.


*Disclaimer: We obviously do not consider our potential adoptive children as “things,” but want to offer them a title for you to follow along with throughout our story.  The number beside their title refers to their approximate age, for your reference and guidance.


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