The House Hunt

Mr. Keckles and I pride ourselves on living simply.  Since being married, we have lived in 2 small(ish) apartments.  We probably could have afforded renting a house or a larger apartment, but it just seemed silly since my parents live 20 minutes away and could store a lot of the stuff we didn’t need right at this moment in our lives.  Because we have paid next to nothing for rent, we have enjoyed paying off my $20,000 in student loans in 2 years and have almost cut his in half in less than 1 year.  However, when we found out about the kids and decided to move forward, the first thing on the agenda was to find a house.

We debated for a few days on buying a house, and then decided to forgo that option in order to calm the churning that happened in my mind and belly at the thought of being that far in debt.  Can you tell we have issues with debt?  In deciding to continue to rent, we realized that we would have to compromise on some things we wanted in order to find a place in time.  You see, the town we live in is terrible for renters.  The only option you have is to rent from June 1- June 1 or August 1- August 1.  If the lease is broken, there are major financial setbacks and a tarnished leasing record.  As it was March/April when we made our decision, we had to find a place quickly.

We were picky at the beginning, wanting 3-4 bedrooms, no basement, no hard wood floors and a few preferences on neighborhoods.  After viewing four or five places in our price range, we realized there was going to have to be some compromising.  The sacrifice we just couldn’t make was living too far away from Mr. Keckles’ workplace and our cluster of close friends.  In the end, we moved into a beautiful 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom duplex with an unfinished basement (only for storage) and hard wood floors in the upper level.  Amazingly enough, the hard wood flooring is my favorite part of the house.

After finding out about the appellation, it has been hard living in this huge place all by ourselves.  Yes, there are signs that kiddos are on the way (a toddler bed, books, Diaper Champ, booster seat, etc.), but it is still quiet and seemingly empty.  My frugal self has to keep being reminded that it is okay to pay so much in rent and not necessarily use the space we are paying for.  It will all be worth it in the end.  Stay tuned for a picture tour of the house and updates on how we are transforming it to be kid-friendly.


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