The Appellation

Originally when we decided to move forward with the adoption, we were told that once we were licensed, the kiddos would move in and it would be all legalities after that point.  We were informed that their biological parents’ rights had been terminated by the state of Kansas and everything was a go.  About a month later, we found out that both biological parents had appealed the termination.  We processed through a few different emotions after learning this information.

At first, we were devastated.  When you have this picture in your head of how things will go (especially when you have a type A personality like myself), it is too much to bear when that picture changes drastically.  Adoption is not like pregnancy in which you have a pretty good idea how things will turn out.

We had been telling friends and family the time-frame of August/September, knowing we could move into our new house by then and be licensed.  To have to go back and tell them it would actually be more like spring 2012 was rather embarrassing.  We are well-informed to know that adoption is a long process and apt to change at any time, but we weren’t sure if that was the case with the people in our lives.  Why we ever doubted them is a mystery to us now.  Our news was received well, with offers of encouragement and emotional support.  Our friends and family grieved with us and helped us to keep pressing forward.

In the end, the emotion we ended on was relief.  Our future Keckles (the sibling set we intend to adopt) will need to know that their parents did everything they could to make a safe home for them.  They need to have the reassurance that their parents loved them very much.  To be able to tell them about the appellation will hopefully bring closure and understanding to their little hearts and minds.  And in all honesty, we could use the few extra months to build our relationship and prepare (for lack of a better term) for how drastically our lives are about to change.



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