The Beginning

My husband and I got married on November 21, 2009.  We had talked about children before we got married, deciding that we wanted a fairly large family and were possibly interested in adoption down the road.  We also talked about birth control, deciding that medicinal methods just weren’t for us, since I have a tendency towards mood swings and we didn’t want to exacerbate that with any unnecessary medicine.  We also just wanted to trust God to provide for us as he wishes, in the timing that he alone can choose.

However, my husband was still in school and we weren’t really financially stable, so we tried the Natural Family Planning method for a few months after our wedding (which I am a huge advocate of!).  After a few months, though, we gave in, knowing that we just wanted to start a family.  We reversed our NFP method to the side of trying to get pregnant.  Now, approaching our 2-year anniversary, we are still not pregnant.  There has not even been a blip on the screen.  I know this is a very long time to be trying, but more on that later.

About 5 months ago, however, Mr. Keckles (not our real name, in case you didn’t figure that out) was reaching the end of his rope with continuing to try to get pregnant and not really getting any answers.  He cried out to God, begging for an answer, not necessarily a solution or a missed period, but just an answer for our struggles.  Two days later, his friend approached him and asked him if we would be willing to adopt a sibling set of 3.  His friend knew that we had talked about adoption and just thought he would throw it out there, as his MIL is a social worker and was trying to find a permanent home for these children.  We talked about it and decided that, yes, we would love to pursue this and hopefully start our family through the method of foster-to-adopt.  After deciding to move forward, we found out that the kiddos are currently in foster care, 2 girls (ages 2 and 3) in one home and 1 boy (7-8 months old) in another home.  They are developing well and being loved tremendously by their foster families, but need a “forever” home, as it is so commonly called.

This summer, we began the process to become a resource family, meaning that we can foster children, as well as adopt them through the foster system.  We took our PS-MAPP classes and are now working on becoming licensed (more on that later as well).  Nailing down a time frame at this point is difficult, but we would love for you to follow us on this journey.  Stay tuned here for updates and more of our insight on the foster-to-adopt process and starting a family.


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